Our firm was first founded by a patent attorney, Nobuo Ouchi in 2002 and named as Makoto Patent Attorneys Office. Later, the firm was renamed to Makoto International Patent Attorneys Office after a patent attorney, Minoru Ohnaka and others joined the firm in 2003. Our firm is jointly managed by representative partners and we handle not only domestic cases but also a large number of foreign cases.

The name of our firm “MAKOTO” means sincerity and reliability in Japanese. As shown by the name, our firm considers the protection of our clients’ benefit as the highest priority under our motto of “dealing with clients sincerely to build a trustworthy relationship”.

Unlike the conventional Japanese patent firms which merely rewrite an invention proposal submitted by a client for a patent application, we proactively prepare drafts for clients from their initial proposal stage of inventions so that our clients can obtain truly effective intellectual property rights. Further, we hope to make a contribution to an increase in inventors’ awareness of intellectual property rights through the close relationship with clients from their initial proposal stage of inventions.

Although our firm has a relatively small number of people, we consider it as an advantage for us as we can effectively communicate with each other and also patent attorneys who are well versed in various technical fields can collaborate closely with each other. With such an advantage, we can provide our professional services covering all technical fields.

Makoto International
Patent Attorneys Office
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